Andrew Otterburn

Andrew Otterburn is a leading law firm management consultant who has advised around 250 firms of solicitors and barristers chambers in the UK and Ireland. He has undertaken extensive consultancy work for the Law Society of England & Wales, the Legal Services Commission and the Ministry of Justice.  The 3rd edition of his book Profitability and Law Firm Management was published by the Law Society in 2016. He is a former vice chair of the Executive Committee of the Law Management Section and a founding member of the Law Consultancy Network.

Andrew has an in-depth understanding of the issues facing law firms:  ‘Andrew has a depth of knowledge about the pressures facing the owners of solicitors practices today and a wide experience of how different firms are tackling these issues. His real strength however is the clarity he brings to the planning and decision making process which allied with his energy and enthusiasm helped generate a real sense of purpose and unity amongst our partners.’

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