You name it, family, corporate, commercial, conveyancing, private client, probate, litigation, employment…..we can show you how to price your work for maximum profitability while still retaining a happy client. Not possible you say? Oh yes it is. There are firms that are doing it already. Possibly your competitors.

We teach you how to price your work from the outset and how to manage the pricing relationship with your client.

Both our pricing consultants have many years’ experience training lawyers in Value Pricing. All firms that undertake the training, without exception, make more money as a result, and have happier clients.

Quite simply, we make you more money

Better margins, better realisation, more profit, better cash flow. When? Within a couple of weeks of working with us. Seriously?! Yes, seriously. How? Well, that would be telling wouldn’t it!

We also know you need a much more holistic pricing and costs solution so in addition to teaching you how to charge effectively for your great work, we can help with costs drafting, costs budgeting, litigation funding, cost dispute mediation (contentious and non-contentious, solicitor and own client and inter-party), hourly rate reports and much more.

If you are expecting just another costs drafting firm, you would be wrong. Members of the Law Consultancy Network include a law firm pricing specialist (contentious and non-contentious work) who also provides the full range of costs drafting, costs budgeting and costs management services. He has spent decades ‘in the trenches’ and truly knows what a day, a week, a year in your shoes looks and feels like.


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