The legal stuff

The Law Consultancy Network (or LCN, or the Network) and this website exist solely to inform law firms of the expertise and services of the independent consultants that are in the Network at any time. The LCN is not a legal entity with which any firm can contract. No law firm may rely on any representations made in relation to any or all consultant/s. All contracts will be between the law firm and the individual consultant/s. All consultants trade independently and on their own account. There is no legal partnership between any of them, and there is no partnership between any of them and the LCN. Neither The Law Consultancy Network nor LCN are trading names or styles of any one or more consultants who are in the Network at any time, all of whom trade exclusively under an independent name or style. All information given out whether on this site or elsewhere by the LCN is for information purposes only – law firms must make their own enquiries before arriving at any decision to enter into any contract with any of the independent consultants in the Network. All services provided by any consultant are provided independent of the LCN and independent of any other consultant in the Network.