Hélène Russell

Experience and services

“Knowledge Management” is a complex field encompassing learning, libraries, culture and cognitive (AI). I help organisations improve profitability and effectiveness by distilling the complexities into practical tools and techniques which improve learning and knowledge sharing and management.

I provide strategic advice and coaching, write practical textbooks, run training sessions and speak at events and conferences.

Strategic Knowledge Management can help your firm:

  • keep employees up to date efficiently with the new legal knowledge they need to do their work;
  • encourage employees to share their knowledge so it can be leveraged effectively;
  • streamline processes so your fee earners can focus on areas where they add most value to the business;
  • avoid losing knowledge and clients when key members of staff leave;
  • nurture employees’ creativity and innovation to meet the emerging needs of your clients and compete with disruptors.

As an independent consultant, I can advise between different technology solutions or on low-cost changes, whichever gives the best value to your business. Having worked with a wide variety of organisations, I can bring their combined learning to you.

I particularly enjoy helping those organisations which have reached a tipping point and need practical help with their first knowledge audit and strategy, although I have helped large and small organisations at all stages of their journey.


“Practical Projects in Legal KM: A Year of Living Knowledgeably”

“clear, succinct and jargon free” “One of the most pragmatic KM texts I have come across” Ian Rodwell, Linklaters

“Knowledge Management Handbook”

“Chock full of pragmatic and helpful suggestions” “Readable, easy to follow, practical book”

“Measuring the ROI of KM” Ark (Chapter 5)

“Innovation in legal KM” Ark (Chapter 1)

Open training courses (London UK):

“KM: The Works” – foundation course in KM

“KM: The Scores” – workshop in KM project results measurement

“KM Strategy” & “Deep Knowledge”


Founder and leader of Knowledge Network UK, the regional knowledge-sharing and networking group for law firm KMers.

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