Simon Tupman

For the past twenty five years, Simon has devoted his career to helping lawyers build better futures for themselves, their organisations and the people they serve.  His work centres on helping legal service providers to develop their leadership capabilities so they they can unlock the potential of their people to become more effective in all that they do. He has written two ‘best-selling’ books, ‘Why Lawyers Should Eat Bananas’ which was translated into Russian and ‘Why Entrepreneurs Should Eat Bananas’ which has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese. His latest book, ‘Legal Eagles’ features interviews with leading lawyers who are making a difference in the world. He is a founding member of the New Zealand-based Law Management Group.

Contact Details

29 Railway Row, Ohakune, New Zealand 4625
Phone: +64 27214 8405

P: +64 27 214 8405


Twitter: simontupman
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