Partners Pricing Masterclasses

Our Pricing Masterclasses are very popular services. They are ideal for firms that have taken a well-considered decision to raise capability around pricing as a skill and discipline.

Classes begin with brief overview of pricing theory to lay an intellectual foundation of the key principles. The remainder of the masterclass is practical, interactive and extremely intensive. Senior practitioners often describe them in evaluations as the best professional development they have ever undertaken.

“Validatum® teaches firms how to use pricing in a sophisticated and intelligent way to not only boost profitability but just as importantly, reduce the tension inherent in the pricing aspect of the client relationship”

~ Mike Scott – Partner and former Chairman of the Board, Charles Russell Speechlys & Chairman of the Validatum® Advisory Board

‘‘It’s the most useful course I’ve been on in years. I thought I would pick up a few tips from Nigel but I got far more than I expected from it. We have refocused on getting our pricing right and have lost only one instruction due to price, the rest are all delighted with the price and the value we have provided”.

~ Paul Bennett, Partner, Bennett Briegal, Chair, Law Management Section, Law Society

The problems

Partners’ pricing confidence and capability sit on a very long continuum and the inability to bring an intelligent approach to pricing costs firms dearly, financially and reputationally.

The solutions

Our consultants have very similar approaches to pricing training, having worked together successfully for several years. They are used to working with small, medium and large law firms and have worked in many jurisdictions. The Masterclasses are intensive courses, typically over two days, for groups of about 15 people.

New concepts, strategies and tactics are introduced, some of which will be a fresh take on existing methodologies. Others are new and radical. They are all guaranteed to challenge existing ways of thinking about pricing and to push participants well outside their comfort zone.

Because our consultants are both former managing partners, each with over 30 years’ private practice experience, they understand the challenges facing partners and management on a day-to-day basis and they are superb at seamlessly integrating theory and practice.

The benefits

Key Contacts for Partners Pricing Masterclasses: