Associates Pricing Workshops

Our work with firms around pricing usually starts with our Partners Pricing Masterclass and senior management. Inevitably however, there is a realisation that any new pricing philosophy and execution methodology must reach more broadly across the firm.

Although it is not usually a decision taken by the firm until after we have already worked extensively with partners, the Associates Pricing Workshops, which are a condensed version of the Partners Pricing Masterclasses, can be an important contribution to the dissemination of the new skills and techniques.

The problems

Associates often have little if any understanding of the economics of files and file management. Awareness of what makes a particular piece of work profitable or unprofitable can be patchy. There is a broader case to be made for investing in this sort of professional development but, as a start, understanding what impact price has on file profitability can be invaluable.

The solutions

We have crafted a compressed masterclass structure for associates that has three key elements;

The benefits

Key Contacts for Associates Pricing Workshops: