Procurement, Bids and Pitch Support


We know that bidding for work is a costly exercise and we believe that understanding typical client procurement processes, drivers, evaluation processes and selection techniques will give firms an edge when pitching to win attractive, profitable work.

Engaging specialist bids advice prevents partners’ attention being diverted away from clients, towards bids. In doing so, it not only increases the quality of submissions, but also saves time and reduces overall costs. In addition, law firms find that knowing they are in safe hands significantly decreases the stress and discomfort they feel when faced with a bid.

The use of standardised procurement processes, common across other areas of spend, requires legal firms to understand the buying process in order to make their services stand out, increasing win rates and profitability.

Our consultants’ considerable combined pricing and hands-on legal procurement experience makes us uniquely placed to work with firms to navigate the procurement process. Working solely with legal firms to deliver bid training and bespoke bid and client management consultancy, our insights, tools, and tailored collaborative approach will equip legal professionals with true insights on selection, client management and delivery of profitable commercial solutions to win.

Bringing together theory, proven pricing expertise and unique procurement insights from the buy-side, we offer a range of services from working alongside your business development team to entirely managing bid and pitch initiatives. We can assist on tenders for individual pieces of work and pitching for panels and panel reviews, both across the public and private sector.

Our typical engagement starts with a bid initiation workshop to understand the existing client relationship and market placement in their sector, and development of a bid strategy than mirrors the procurement process. We will then work with your team throughout the bid process, delivering a sustainable commercial client strategy.

Our team has many years’ experience of leading bid submissions and coaching presentation teams to deliver creative, successful bids. We assist with:

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