Lexcel in Ireland

Firms based outside England & Wales are also able to apply for Lexcel accreditation and over the years we have helped several firms in Ireland, and we have provided consultancy support to over half of the firms in Ireland with Lexcel.

Firms in Ireland obtain huge benefit from Lexcel because:

Lexcel goes beyond the normal Section 68 requirements and helps firms provide clients with much better information on cost – something most clients really appreciate.

“Our legal team worked with Andrew to obtain Lexcel in record speed. Although the work we do is quite complex and unusual, through attention to detail, careful listening and strong analytical skills, Andrew got his head around the legal issues and internal structures quickly. He then worked with us to interpret the Lexcel standards to fit our idiosyncratic model, rather than trying to apply a one-size-fits-all template which some consultants might have done. He provided advice in a structured, confident, well-informed way throughout. He was great at keeping the pace and providing really practical assistance when required. He was responsive, organised and cost conscious and provided an exceptional service overall.”

Areas we specialise in:

Key Contacts for Lexcel in Ireland: