The ability to recruit talented individuals on time and at the right cost and then to retain them in today’s highly competitive market place, is crucial to the survival and growth of all law firms. More crucial, in fact, than anything else a law firm might do.

To know that you can venture into the market and secure the intelligence, energy and loyalty of the human resources you need not only to develop your business strategy but to implement it effectively and in line with your commercial business objectives, is crucial to your success.

How close are you to understanding your talent requirements over the medium term? Short term, non strategic recruitment tends to be endemic amongst certain law firms and often results in a significant recruitment overspend. How effective are you at recruiting key people, when you need them and at the right cost? We work with our clients to develop an effective, cost appropriate resourcing strategy to support you in having the right talent when you need it.

Our consultants are highly experienced at working with law firms to accurately identify and recruit the talent you need to ensure that your firm flourishes. We have worked with a wide range of firms and helped them recruit for the following positions:

Our clients are as likely to be in London as they are in Doncaster, Worcester, Manchester or Glasgow and they comprise small, medium and magic circle firms.

Partner recruitment

The partners in your law firm will determine the direction, culture and success of your business. We have 15+ years’ experience of retained pro-active partner level recruitment, finding partners across pretty much every legal discipline there is. Whether it’s a partner specialising in property or corporate, matrimonial or private client, our intelligence and networks will give you access to successful individuals who are not looking to move and who are unlikely to respond to a job advertisement.

Pro-active recruitment should be a part of every law firm’s growth strategy. It will enable you to be planned and focused, rather than reactive and haphazard. Thanks to our sensible and flexible fee arrangements, pro-active recruitment can also be a cost-effective solution when finding key people for your business.

Team recruitment

Are you looking to develop a new department or team? Perhaps you have the appetite to grow more quickly than an individual hire will allow? Team moves, whilst not straightforward, can be a huge accelerator for the development of your law firm.  Whether you want to target an existing team or put together a completely new one, we can help you to identify and approach those people in the right way.

Associate recruitment

We can help you to recruit the very best talent, from bright and ambitious junior lawyers through to highly experienced senior associates and partner designates. We will work with you to identify, approach and secure the best people for your law firm We will also help you to integrate these people into your firm as effectively as possible, enabling them to hit the ground running and to build a strong platform for future success.

Executive recruitment

Our goal is to work closely with you to recruit the best available and the most appropriate talent across your firm, in both fee earning and non fee earning roles. In our view, they are interlinked and co-dependent. An effective Practice Manager or Finance Director focussed on integrating the functions can have a considerable impact on the success of your firm.

Our collective experience also enables us to work at the forefront of emerging law firm roles and functions. For example, we can help you establish an internal pricing function or find a Pricing Director to boost your profitability and lead your pricing strategy.

Key Contacts for Recruitment: