Training in Procurement, Bids and Pitches

Historically, the role of procurement has been to barter down price and add little if any value to the client/firm relationship. But there is an increasingly professional, institutionalised approach to buying, common across other suppliers that the legal profession has to come to grips with rapidly.

To take advantage of the procurement officer’s increasing involvement in the purchasing of legal services, you need to understand what modern best practice procurement is, what they do and why they do it in order

Understanding even a little of how a procurement professional operates and the relationship dynamics between the procurement manager, finance, the general counsel and the law firm(s) can provide valuable insights that will help to plan an effective relationship strategy.

We offer a range of training sessions aimed at partners, senior associates and business development teams, tailored to reflect the level of buying sophistication most regularly encountered by your firm.

The sessions provide a brief introduction to issues including:

Key Contacts for Training in Procurement, Bids and Pitches: