20 June 2019 – Workshop: Adding value and raising your profile

by Helene Russell

Do you worry that your organisation doesn’t really understand the value that you offer and sees you as an expensive overhead? This is a problem often raised by PSLs and KMers in law firms, so our Helene Russell decided to help.

Worrying about the value that they bring and whether this is properly recognised, is a common problem for law firm KMers. To try to help them with this problem, I have arranged a workshop with Rachael Wheatley of Bluegreen Learning, who will bring her marketing expertise to this difficult problem. In this interview with her, we talk about the issues and the workshop and give three top tips for those who can’t come along.

When: 12.30-2.30pm

To read more and watch the interview, please click here.

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by Helene Russell




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