Is anxiety ignored within law firm marketing? (first published by The Law Society)

In an article for The Law Society Management Section, Sue Bramall, managing director of Berners Marketing, looks at the impact anxiety has within law firm marketing, and what you can do to support both employees and clients. The UK charity …

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Is diversity & inclusion more than skin deep in your firm’s brand?

In an article first published in July 2021 by the Law Society’s Law Management Section, Sue Bramall discusses how commitment to diversity and inclusion must be embedded within a firm’s culture and championed by staff at all levels. One of…

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Roundup of legal recruitment in 2017

An effective workforce is the beating heart of a successful law firm. To ensure you build a team that is fit for the job, you will need a clearly defined recruitment process, highlighting exactly who you are looking for and…

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Putting people before profit – how law firms can navigate the new world order

When I qualified as a solicitor in 1984, lawyers were mostly concerned with advising clients and ensuring they billed for their time. Profitability was a given. But not anymore. The world has changed. The global financial crisis, technology, commoditisation and…

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