Workshop: 11 July 2018, ‘Deep Knowledge’, TLT LLP, London

An afternoon workshop teaching you to identify and put to work the most valuable knowledge in your organisation. The kind of knowledge that can be written down and put in a database is easy to share, but what about all…

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Book Review: Clarity for Lawyers, Effective Legal Language, by Mark Adler and Daphne Perry, published by The Law Society

“This book should be obligatory reading for every law student, every lawyer who would like to improve their communication skills, and every communications professional who works with lawyers.”  Sue Bramall When I finally closed my copy of Clarity for Lawyers,…

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Run it Past the Firms’ Pricing Manager – Who? (First published on LexisNexis)

In 2016 Forbes magazine ran an article entitled, ‘10 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago’. It’s a bit of a cliché but everyone understands the concept that jobs which could not have been conceived of a few years ago,…

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The next session called ‘Intranets that work’ is by Duncan Ogilvy and Sally Roberts of 3Kites Consulting and will cover technical/design aspects but focus mainly on practical tips to generate firm-wide interest and participation, secure appropriate resource, governance and ownership…

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Fixed Fees: Here Be Dragons! (first published on Validatum)

Let us say at the outset that we are strong proponents of fixed fees, even in areas of work where they have not been particularly prevalent such as dispute resolution. We believe that they should be used much more than…

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