Workshop: 11 July 2018, ‘Deep Knowledge’, TLT LLP, London

by Helene Russell

An afternoon workshop teaching you to identify and put to work the most valuable knowledge in your organisation. The kind of knowledge that can be written down and put in a database is easy to share, but what about all the complex, deep knowledge in your organisation? How can you put that to work, adding value and creating innovation in your organisation?

In this afternoon workshop, learn how to identify the deep knowledge within your organisation, especially the special proprietary knowledge, and learn lots of techniques to encourage your workforce to share and use it. Learn how to build upon it and improve your organisation’s competitive edge.

Learn from Helene Russell, author of Knowledge Management Handbook, Practical Projects in Legal KM and contributor to Measuring the ROI of KM, Emerging practises in law firm profitability and Innovations in legal KM.

This event is particularly suitable for those in professional services and knowledge intensive organisations, such as law firms, management consulting and accountancy firms.


When: Wednesday 11 July 2-5pm

Where: TLT LLP, Gresham Street, London

Price: £323.13

Tickets for this event can be purchased here.

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by Helene Russell




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