We can rebuild him (first published on Knowledge4Lawyers)

In this post Helene Russell, our expert in knowledge, learning and innovation, explains why getting your knowledge systems right is a bit like her favourite TV programme from the seventies. “If you are a person of a certain age, you’ll…

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COVID-19 – Law firm marketing checklist and resources – 18 March 2020

The team at Berners Marketing have created a useful marketing checklist and other key resources for law firms, which can be used to focus marketing communications in relation to the coronavirus. Last updated 18 March 2020 Free law firm marketing…

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Emergency pricing (first published on Validatum)

Richard Burcher, managing director of Validatum discusses implementing emergency pricing polices in light of the current global situation. If I never hear the word ‘unprecedented’ again, it will be too soon, but there is undoubtedly no play book for what…

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Life after life (first published on Knowledge4Lawyers)

There’s no such thing as infinite lives in the real world, but in this post Helene Russell, specialist in knowledge, learning and innovation, gives you some ideas to help your organisation learn from each experience. “My book club is reading…

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Connecting in a disconnected world

In these difficult times, remember that it is personal contact that is discouraged, not connection itself and we are fortunate to live in an age where we can connect through technology and still have meaningful conversations. To help out anyone…

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E-book – Remote working success for law firms

How do law firms maximise the benefits of remote working?  What stays the same and what needs to adapt?  What best practice examples are available?  Katherine Thomas has collated her experience of working remotely as well as from running a…

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