Five ways to fine tune your legal copywriting

As a lawyer, you were trained to draft a formal agreement in your subject area, but you might also find yourself tasked with drafting a blog post for your company website or an article for a newsletter. Technically, this type…

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Key issues for the legal sector in 2022 – Monique Rhodes – The Law Chat Series – 23 November 2021

During this instalment of The Law Chat series, hosted by Simon Tupman, happiness expert Monique Rhodes will chat about the reasons why stress, anxiety and depression are on the rise and what you can do about it. You can watch…

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Event – DMS to KMS: using technology to enhance knowledge engagement

How can we use existing systems to boost knowledge sharing? And how can effective KM technology minimise the impact of information overload? This 1-hour virtual event will answer your questions wherever you are on your firm’s route from DMS to…

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Lunch n learns for virtual teams: a dozen ideas (first published on Knowledge for Lawyers)

A common way for law firms to train their teams is the “lunch n learn” lecture, but with so many firms permanently switching to virtual or hybrid teams, how can we ensure that our virtual attendees find them compelling and…

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Legal pricing: “There are a lot of tricks I knows…” (first published on the Validatum website, 13 November 2021)

Inspired by lyrics from the musical Les Miserables (Master of The House), Richard Burcher, legal pricing expert from Validatum discusses the common practice of charging for disbursements or extras on top of a bill. For many years it has been…

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Berners Marketing launches law firm marketing toolkit

‘Unless you have a rigorous process for eradicating all instances of the old branding, you will find it popping up for many years to come.’ Amid all the excitement of planning a rebrand or commissioning a new corporate identity, it…

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