AI and Knowledge Management – The impact of AI and associated technologies on legal knowledge and information management practices

AI and Knowledge Management – The Impact of AI and associated technologies on legal knowledge and information management practices Leading iManage Partner Tiger Eye sat down with LCN Consultant Helene Russell, (also Knowledge Management (KM) Consultant at The Knowledge Network),…

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Pricing – Easy, isn’t it – PART 2

In Part 1 we looked at some common failings of firms to maximise the return, by no means
exclusively in financial terms, from their investment in pricing training,
Let’s remind ourselves of the four categories of firm I rather crudely…

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Pricing – Easy, isn’t it? – PART 1

Pricing – Easy, isn’t it – PART 1   I’ve been training lawyers and accountants in value pricing for almost a decade now. I’ve worked
with 100 or so firms, from niche sole practitioner up to top 100 (law)/top 40…

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E-book – Remote working success for law firms

How do law firms maximise the benefits of remote working?  What stays the same and what needs to adapt?  What best practice examples are available?  Katherine Thomas has collated her experience of working remotely as well as from running a…

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What’s new? (first published in Managing for Success magazine by the Law Society)

So you want to be innovative? But where should you start? In the first of a two-part series, Katherine Thomas looks at what innovation is, why it matters, and how to do it effectively. The notion of ‘innovation’ has been…

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Future Firm Forum: Focus, Foresight, Friendship and Fun

It’s a week since I returned home from the 2018 Future Firm Forum in Queenstown, New Zealand. I have reflected on it often since. For those of you aren’t aware of the Future Firm Forum, it is an intimate gathering…

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Law Consultancy Network welcomes two new members

The Law Consultancy Network – a leading global network of law firm management consultants – has welcomed two new consultants to the group. Katherine Thomas and Simon McCrum have joined the network’s growing ranks, reflecting the demand for high quality,…

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An analysis for Legal Service Providers of Bain & Co’s ‘Firm of the Future’ Report

The [law] firm of the future If you haven’t read Bain & Company’s report ‘The Firm of the Future’ report, you should. Access it here: I read the report several times since its publication earlier this year and allowed…

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“Watch out BigLaw, Aldi’s here.”

What established law firms have in common with Coles and Woolworths (you’ll be surprised!) So, the big news in WA last week was the arrival of Aldi, with four stores across Perth and an intention to open 12 more by…

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You gave WHAT away for free?!

I’ll cut to the chase.  It’s about time that law firms realise they don’t sell their expertise.  They don’t sell their time.  Or their know-how.  They sell solutions.  And increasingly, those solutions are tech-enabled, resource-agile and lean (see Mark Cohen’s

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