Strategic legal content? Or just a space filler? (First Published in LawTalk, the newsletter of the New Zealand Law Society)

While most lawyers recognise the benefit to be had from regularly updating their website, many struggle to put their good intentions into practice. Sometimes articles do get written but fail to help improve a law firm’s website’s performance in internet…

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Leadership in law firms

LawTalk speaks with law firm development specialist Simon Tupman about leadership in law firms

Within the context of a law firm, what is leadership and how is it relevant?  The last decade has seen dramatic changes in the way law…

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Pricing and the ‘Dunning-Kruger Effect’

When working with partners to assist them on a specific pricing proposal, all too often the conversation goes something like this; “So what levels of resourcing will be required for this and how long do you think it’ll take?” “Well,…

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