Law Consultancy Network welcomes Knowledge Management expert

The Law Consultancy Network continues to go from strength to strength and this month welcomes to its ranks knowledge management expert Hélène Russell, owner of TheKnowledgeBusiness, founder and leader of Knowledge Network UK. Hélène helps law firms and legal service…

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‘Yes, we can do it for that price; ‘What would you like me to leave out?’

  “I am sick and tired of asking my external law firms for a garden shed and getting a bloody office tower and a bill to match!” So opined [verbatim] a very frustrated FTSE 100 GC in a casual conversation…

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‘We worked with over 300 law firms in 18 countries’

Interview with Thought Leader and expert on pricing Richard Burcher, Managing Director of Validatum (first published on Legal Business World) Richard, can you tell us a little bit more about your background and how you became a specialist on pricing? 

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Out of this world: how far reaching is your communications strategy in 2018?

In 1984, a non-profit was established in Sacramento, California, by a group of scientists to search for extra-terrestrial intelligence (called SETI).  Today, the institute has a three-pronged strategy, comprising education and public outreach, as well as searching for signs of…

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