Doing Law Differently – Lucy Dickens – The Law Chat Series – 17 March 2021

  • 24 March, 2021

In the most recent episode of Simon Tupman’s The Law Chat series, he discussed how traditional law firm practises can transform themselves into a successful modern legal business with Lucy Dickens. You can watch the full episode by clicking here …

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Law firm managing partners – are you keeping close to your team?

  • 16 November, 2020

Over the last eight months, law firm managing partners have had to deal with a range of issues at break neck speed! Fortunately, so far finance hasn’t been high on the list because many firms are doing well, however this…

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Flying Start (first published in Managing for Success)

  • 7 May, 2020

The appointment of non-executive directors is not common in law firms, but those that do take this step significantly outperform their competition. Nigel Haddon and Rob Lees explain how and why you should appoint a non-executive director for your firm.…

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Partner retreats – valuable for any partnership… (first published in The Solicitor’s Journal)

  • 24 October, 2019

Partner retreats or conferences are a great management tool – an ideal vehicle for making tricky decisions, for building cohesion and for bringing on the next generation.  It is easy to see the retreat as end in itself and, whilst…

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  • 19 February, 2019

Mention the words ‘strategy’ or ‘planning’ to many business leaders and managers and their eyes tend to glaze over. Many I speak to profess their organisation or firm has ‘done it’ but on closer inspection, in reality, they have not,…

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Why don’t lawyers do what you ask them to do? (first published on Legal Futures)

  • 4 October, 2018

In an article first published on Legal Futures, Simon McCrum explores why lawyers do not do what the firm needs them to do and recommends action to take to ensure that the policies and procedures put in place are followed.…

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New Zealand legal services and lawyers — what might happen? (first published in LawTalk)

  • 25 April, 2018

LawTalk, the journal of the New Zealand Law Society, asked five innovative New Zealanders working in the legal services industry – including our own Simon Tupman – about the changes needed today and what they think could happen over the…

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The perfect legal business? (first published on Legal Futures)

  • 14 March, 2018

Simon McCrum offers his top ten tips on running and growing the perfect legal business in an article that was first published on Legal Futures. Some people think it is easy to run – and to grow – a law…

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Leadership in law firms

  • 11 September, 2017

LawTalk speaks with law firm development specialist Simon Tupman about leadership in law firms

Within the context of a law firm, what is leadership and how is it relevant?  The last decade has seen dramatic changes in the way law…

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Pricing and the ‘Dunning-Kruger Effect’

  • 1 September, 2017

When working with partners to assist them on a specific pricing proposal, all too often the conversation goes something like this; “So what levels of resourcing will be required for this and how long do you think it’ll take?” “Well,…

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