Time management for solicitors and marketing

What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare. No time to stop when woods we pass,  when squirrels hide their nuts in grass. These words came to me as I walked up…

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We’ll have a chat at the end – a $20 Billion Black Hole

We lawyers detest talking about our fees with our clients. We have worked with over 300 law firms in 18 countries and if there is one common denominator, it is a shared perspective that the price conversation is the most…

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How Firms Add Value

In this article, Simon and Ian Berry examine the concept of ‘value’ and illustrate how, by understanding and establishing value and implementing strategies to price and deliver it, firms can secure a competitive edge and increase their bottom line. All…

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Food for the Soul

In this article Simon argues that law firms need stronger leadership and meaningful values if they are to adapt successfully to change. Recently, I had the privilege of addressing the Association of Legal Administrators’ Convention in Texas. As I prepared…

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Small firms division annual conference 2017, London and Leeds

These flagship conferences in London and Leeds champion the interests of small firms and sole practitioners. The events comprise a half-day of small firms-focused conference sessions, practical tips and networking opportunities.

Praise for previous years’ events:

‘A well run event.’…

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Strategies for profitability in law firms

The past two years have been good for most law firms in the United Kingdom and New Zealand with both profitability and cash flow improving. While there are significant issues, especially around staff retention and attraction, and also succession planning,…

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