The Future of Legal Services and the Courts – with Richard Susskind – 23 October 2020

In the sixth instalment of the Law Chat webcast series, Simon chats with Professor Richard Susskind on the future of legal services and the courts. You can watch the full video by clicking here or on the video below:…

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Pricing and the ‘Dunning Kruger Effect’ (first published on Validatum)

There is a quite extraordinary paradox at play here. On the one hand you would expect many lawyers, particularly those that are long in the tooth, to be quite pessimistic, negative and cynical with a hardwired expectation that most things…

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A many-layered approach to legal content writing (and cake)

Law firm marketing consultant Sue Bramall explains the many layered approach which is required when writing legal content for the media and the internet – with a slice of cake – in an article first published on the Knowledge Network.…

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