Like Le Tour de France – law firm marketing is a team sport

Watching the guys pedalled hundreds of miles each day in the Tour de France, law firm marketing consultant Sue Bramall drew lessons from their team approach and drawing a few parallels with some aspects of law firm marketing. From my…

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Law firm managing partners – are you keeping close to your team?

Over the last eight months, law firm managing partners have had to deal with a range of issues at break neck speed! Fortunately, so far finance hasn’t been high on the list because many firms are doing well, however this…

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5 top tips to encourage brave knowledge sharing (first published on Knowledge4Lawyers)

In this post Helene Russell, our specialist in knowledge, learning and innovation, offers some top tips to encourage your staff to speak up and share their brilliant ideas and stop them being paralysed by their perfectionism. “Failure is not a…

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Dear client, inflation last year was 2.7%….. (first published on Validatum)

Unfortunately, we still see many firms approach to this limited to not much more than a standard letter that begins “Dear client, we hope you are well. As you know, inflation last year was 2.7%…” Notwithstanding the latest lockdown, we…

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Humanity in legal content writing – don’t lose sight of the person you are writing about or writing for

Inspired by an article entitled ‘Relearning to write after Law School Buried my Voice’ by New York women’s rights lawyer Akhila Kolisetty Sue Bramall’s latest blog explores how you can keep the human dimension in your legal copywriting and bring…

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Making virtual collaborations work (first published on Knowledge4Lawyers)

We have no choice now but to make virtual collaborations work. But how? This post from Helene Russell, Knowledge Learning and Innovation specialist, draws together 5 top tips from law firm leaders. I’ve been gathering some thoughts from practitioners and…

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