Making virtual collaborations work (first published on Knowledge4Lawyers)

by Helene Russell

We have no choice now but to make virtual collaborations work. But how? This post from Helene Russell, Knowledge Learning and Innovation specialist, draws together 5 top tips from law firm leaders.

I’ve been gathering some thoughts from practitioners and advisors about how to make virtual collaborations work well in these difficult times.

These are some of our conclusions, but what are your experiences? What tips do you have to share?

  1. Be upfront and honest about the challenges and try to understand other people’s difficulties
  2. Make expectations clear and leave no room for politics
  3. Limit video conferences to occasions when they really add value and make it clear which tool is for what task
  4. Ensure there is plenty of training available so everyone can make best use of the available tools
  5. Use champions to reinforce behaviours

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by Helene Russell




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