Workshop: After Action Reviews – a practical guide

A half-day online workshop to teach you how to improve the ways that lessons are learned in your organisation, to improve risk management, efficiency and quality. When: Thursday 17 February 2022 Time: 2pm – 5pm Where: Online This workshop will…

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Learning from the past

Should knowledge workers and leaders play poker? In this article Helene Russell, knowledge, learning and innovation specialist, considers the “description experience gap” and whether learning poker can help. I recently listened to “Future You”, part of this series about thinking …

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Vista – the Autumn 2021 Collection – views from eight of our international law firm consultants

Welcome to the Autumn edition of VISTA, a collection of views from members of this global network of law firm consultants. We have been analysing the longer-term effects of the pandemic on law firms across the world, studying the gains…

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Event – DMS to KMS: using technology to enhance knowledge engagement

How can we use existing systems to boost knowledge sharing? And how can effective KM technology minimise the impact of information overload? This 1-hour virtual event will answer your questions wherever you are on your firm’s route from DMS to…

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Lunch n learns for virtual teams: a dozen ideas (first published on Knowledge for Lawyers)

A common way for law firms to train their teams is the “lunch n learn” lecture, but with so many firms permanently switching to virtual or hybrid teams, how can we ensure that our virtual attendees find them compelling and…

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Event: Organisational Storytelling – 12 & 19 October 2021

A two-part online training event to teach you the fundamentals of organisational storytelling and provide time and space to put them into practice, presented by Helene Russell. This course is ideal for leaders who want to make their presentations more…

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KM Lobby: Incredible edition – interview with Helene Russell

A podcast about knowledge, learning and profitability in the legal sector. The “Because You Need to Know – Incredible Edition” podcast series from Pioneer Knowledge Services, with Edwin K Morris, Monica Danese-Perrin and Ginetta Gueli in conversation with Helene Russell,…

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5 top tips to encourage brave knowledge sharing (first published on Knowledge4Lawyers)

In this post Helene Russell, our specialist in knowledge, learning and innovation, offers some top tips to encourage your staff to speak up and share their brilliant ideas and stop them being paralysed by their perfectionism. “Failure is not a…

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Making virtual collaborations work (first published on Knowledge4Lawyers)

We have no choice now but to make virtual collaborations work. But how? This post from Helene Russell, Knowledge Learning and Innovation specialist, draws together 5 top tips from law firm leaders. I’ve been gathering some thoughts from practitioners and…

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We can rebuild him (first published on Knowledge4Lawyers)

In this post Helene Russell, our expert in knowledge, learning and innovation, explains why getting your knowledge systems right is a bit like her favourite TV programme from the seventies. “If you are a person of a certain age, you’ll…

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