Vista – the Autumn 2021 Collection – views from eight of our international law firm consultants

by Helene Russell

Welcome to the Autumn edition of VISTA, a collection of views from members of this global network of law firm consultants.

We have been analysing the longer-term effects of the pandemic on law firms across the world, studying the gains that some businesses have made, sharing how you can learn from these and carry best practices forward.

This edition includes articles on:

  • Law firm leadership to pursue a sustainable agenda
  • Hold on to those management gains
  • Is it possible to build ‘the perfect legal business’?
  • Could yours be a zombie law firm?
  • Building the cathedral and the bazaar in knowledge management
  • Pricing in a brave new world
  • Flexible resourcing
  • Is diversity & inclusion more than skin deep in your firm’s brand?

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by Helene Russell




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