Helene Russell starts an online school in Knowledge Management

Until now, only those who could get to the UK could attend Helene Russell’s well-respected knowledge management training events, but with the release of her first new online course, her practical and business-focused knowledge management training is available to everyone.…

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Using marketing know how to improve your knowledge team’s visibility (first published on KM Insight)

Hélène Russell, legal knowledge and learning specialist, recently interviewed Sue Bramall for KM Insight, part of the ARK Group. They discussed Sue’s top tips for improving the branding, visibility and reputation of law firm knowledge teams so they can help…

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Planning for the RFP Storm… part 3 (first published by Validatum)

Last week, in the 2nd instalment of blog series ‘Planning for the RFP storm’, Steph Hogg, Validatum Head of Procurement, Bid & Tender Consulting, talked about the types of questions firms should be asking themselves and the pre-work that can…

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Mention the words ‘strategy’ or ‘planning’ to many business leaders and managers and their eyes tend to glaze over. Many I speak to profess their organisation or firm has ‘done it’ but on closer inspection, in reality, they have not,…

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Planning for the RFP Storm… part 2 (first published by Validatum)

In part 2 of this 3-part weekly series, Steph Hogg, Validatum Head of Procurement, Bid & Tender Consulting, will get into more detail on what that checklist looks like and why. Last week, the 3-part series began with what is…

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Hercule Poirot: Subject Matter Expert and Knowledge Manager

Was Hercule Poirot a knowledge manager? This blog post by Hélène Russell explores how a much-loved character from the golden age of crime writing recommends that we deal with tacit and implicit knowledge, and advocates for the use of conversation…

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Planning for the RFP Storm… part 1 (first published on Validatum)

This is part 1 in a series of articles on managing client RFPs, written by Steph Hogg, Head of Procurement, Bid & Tender Consulting at Validatum. I read the BTI Consulting’s ‘mad clientist’ blog with interest this morning, about the…

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