Changing language in family law (and a marketing checklist) for no-fault divorce

With the new law which introduces no-fault divorce comes a new set of jargon for family lawyers (and their marketing teams) and which will apply to divorces initiated on or after 6 April 2022. The person who applies for the…

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Keeping your images in order (first published by PM Magazine)

First Published in PM Magazine, January 2022 ( Images are a vital part of your content marketing; they inject life into your blog, add colour to your corporate social media feed and studies have shown posts perform better, are shared…

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Is anxiety ignored within law firm marketing? (first published by The Law Society)

In an article for The Law Society Management Section, Sue Bramall, managing director of Berners Marketing, looks at the impact anxiety has within law firm marketing, and what you can do to support both employees and clients. The UK charity …

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Is diversity & inclusion more than skin deep in your firm’s brand?

In an article first published in July 2021 by the Law Society’s Law Management Section, Sue Bramall discusses how commitment to diversity and inclusion must be embedded within a firm’s culture and championed by staff at all levels. One of…

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Five ways to fine tune your legal copywriting

As a lawyer, you were trained to draft a formal agreement in your subject area, but you might also find yourself tasked with drafting a blog post for your company website or an article for a newsletter. Technically, this type…

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Berners Marketing launches law firm marketing toolkit

‘Unless you have a rigorous process for eradicating all instances of the old branding, you will find it popping up for many years to come.’ Amid all the excitement of planning a rebrand or commissioning a new corporate identity, it…

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In brief – what your legal copywriter needs to know

Law firm marketing consultant Sue Bramall, managing director of Berners Marketing, outlines what your legal copywriter needs to know before they can agree a brief and provide a cost. When a law firm decides to engage a legal copywriter, how…

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Could ‘design thinking’ take legal content marketing to a new level?

Sue Bramall, legal marketing expert and managing director of Berners Marketing explains how taking a ‘design thinking approach when planning your legal content marketing can help to better understand client needs and communicate effectively. Recently, I bought a new phone…

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Gender neutrality in language and legal content writing

In 2019, Thomas Reuters reported on the increase in the number of clients requesting gender-neutral documents on their employment and discrimination blog. Using masculine language to refer to people, regardless of their gender identity, reinforces historic gender stereotypes. As issues…

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Hungary Legal Fest 2021: Is the UK a good model for legal marketing?

On 13 May Sue participated in Hungary’s Legal Fest 2021 and discussed legal marketing and the growth of ‘alternative’ legal businesses in the UK with Mátyás Környei of Erdős | Katona. In Hungary, the legal profession has much stricter regulations…

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