Does a lawyer need marketing skills?

  • 20 January, 2021

Business development is an important skills for any ambitious solicitor, but unless you are planning to make a career switch into full-time marketing, which skills does the ambitious lawyer really need?  Law Consultancy Network member Sue Bramall outlines the various…

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UK Legal Marketing Awards to Enter in 2021

  • 4 January, 2021

Is your legal marketing team looking for some recognition for the great work that your law firm has been doing over the past year? You may want to consider whether you stand a chance of winning a legal award. The…

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Does ‘perfection paralysis’ hinder lawyer marketing?

  • 18 December, 2020

It takes a lifetime to build a reputation. But that reputation might be lost or damaged in the work of just a moment and nowadays any mistake could be amplified around the world on social media.  It is enough to…

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Like Le Tour de France – law firm marketing is a team sport

  • 26 November, 2020

Watching the guys pedalled hundreds of miles each day in the Tour de France, law firm marketing consultant Sue Bramall drew lessons from their team approach and drawing a few parallels with some aspects of law firm marketing. From my…

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Humanity in legal content writing – don’t lose sight of the person you are writing about or writing for

  • 6 November, 2020

Inspired by an article entitled ‘Relearning to write after Law School Buried my Voice’ by New York women’s rights lawyer Akhila Kolisetty Sue Bramall’s latest blog explores how you can keep the human dimension in your legal copywriting and bring…

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A many-layered approach to legal content writing (and cake)

  • 9 October, 2020

Law firm marketing consultant Sue Bramall explains the many layered approach which is required when writing legal content for the media and the internet – with a slice of cake – in an article first published on the Knowledge Network.…

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Podcast: Law firm marketing to clients during the coronavirus pandemic

  • 17 August, 2020

In a podcast for The Law Society Law Management Section, Fariha Butt of Saracens Solicitors interviewed law firm marketing expert Sue Bramall on the subject of client communications and how to manage your marketing to achieve your business objectives during…

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Great legal content #2 – Fresh herbs or dried? How much does quality cost in legal copywriting?

  • 31 July, 2020

Fresh herbs or dried? How much does quality cost? Sue Bramall of Berners Marketing explains why some legal content is tastier than others, and why you should look beyond the headline price. My grandfather had many wonderful sayings, one for…

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Legal content writing: in-house or outsource?

  • 3 July, 2020

A planned approach to writing legal articles, and other types of legal content writing, will help ensure that your law firm’s website is the one which is found when people are looking for legal advice on a particular issue. Sue…

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Pricing Transformation – Step #6 – Generating Short Term Wins (first published on Validatum)

  • 25 June, 2020

In the sixth part of his Pricing Transformation series, Richard Burcher explains why law firms should focus on generating short term wins during a pricing improvement project and why they are vitally important and beneficial. While many law firms have…

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