Great legal content #2 – Fresh herbs or dried? How much does quality cost in legal copywriting?

Fresh herbs or dried? How much does quality cost? Sue Bramall of Berners Marketing explains why some legal content is tastier than others, and why you should look beyond the headline price. My grandfather had many wonderful sayings, one for…

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The future for leaders – With Gerry Riskin – The Law Chat Series – 16 July 2020

In the third instalment of the Law Chat webcast series hosted by Simon Tupman, he will chat with internationally recognized lawyer, author and management consultant, Gerry Riskin of Edge International about leadership in the legal sector and the challenges ahead.…

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Pricing Transformation – Step #8 – Anchoring New Approaches in Culture (first published in Validatum)

In the final installment of his Pricing Transformation series, Richard Burcher advises on how law firms can anchor the new approaches they are taking to pricing in the culture of their law firm. While many law firms have over the…

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Legal content writing: in-house or outsource?

A planned approach to writing legal articles, and other types of legal content writing, will help ensure that your law firm’s website is the one which is found when people are looking for legal advice on a particular issue. Sue…

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