Vista – the Autumn 2021 Collection – views from eight of our international law firm consultants

Welcome to the Autumn edition of VISTA, a collection of views from members of this global network of law firm consultants. We have been analysing the longer-term effects of the pandemic on law firms across the world, studying the gains…

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Berners Marketing launches law firm marketing toolkit

‘Unless you have a rigorous process for eradicating all instances of the old branding, you will find it popping up for many years to come.’ Amid all the excitement of planning a rebrand or commissioning a new corporate identity, it…

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Gender neutrality in language and legal content writing

In 2019, Thomas Reuters reported on the increase in the number of clients requesting gender-neutral documents on their employment and discrimination blog. Using masculine language to refer to people, regardless of their gender identity, reinforces historic gender stereotypes. As issues…

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A Strategic Approach to Pricing

This case study traces how a focus on value and pricing has helped transform Wollens into a legal powerhouse in the South West of England. Talking to Chris Hart, CEO, Clive Meredith, Practice Director, Katrina Vollentine, head of Private Client,…

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Samaritans publish guide on writing about suicide and self harm

Sue Bramall of Berners Marketing highlights a practical factsheet, published by the Samaritans charity and the Society of Authors, for authors and publishers on the depiction of suicide and self-harm in writing,’ with advice on language to use or avoid. …

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Lawyer marketing resources – Plain English Campaign

One of our key objectives when writing any legal content is to avoid legalese – terms or phrases that the general public is unlikely to be familiar with. Articles need to be accessible to the broadest possible audience if they…

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Mention the words ‘strategy’ or ‘planning’ to many business leaders and managers and their eyes tend to glaze over. Many I speak to profess their organisation or firm has ‘done it’ but on closer inspection, in reality, they have not,…

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