Fairgram (Italy), Consendo (UK) and Rightbot (Ecuador) solutions awarded at the DIGIRIGHTS hackathon

by Maria González-Espejo

María González-Espejo of Innovation in Law Studies Alliance and Instituto de Innovación Legal, together with the University of Greenwich‘s Lets Lab, has organized DIGIRIGHTS a global legal hackathon that has as a goal the development of tech solutions to empower citizens in the better knowledge and exercise of their digital rights.

Maria, who is a member of the Law Consultancy Network, is an expert in legal innovation and Legal Tech. She has a broad experience in the organization of events aimed to help legal professionals understand more about technology by organising events like hackathons. She has organized 3 hackathons in the past: 2 editions of JustiApps in Spain and one in Ecuador.

From Friday 9 to Sunday 11 a total of seven teams competed to find the best solution to the challenges related to improving the knowledge and exercise of digital rights by citizens.

The jury, composed of leading figures in the fields of innovation and LegalTech (Ghislaine Boddington, Jim Chiang, Tomer Libal, Juan Carlos Luna, Ebru Metin, Dory Reiling, Jordi Rivera and Karol Valencia), had the opportunity to listen to the presentations of the different teams and selected the three applications that best met the criteria of originality, innovation, relevance, sustainability and impact.

The first prize of £1000 was presented by Dr Ahmad Haj Mosa on behalf of PwC to the team responsible for the Fairgram solution. The second prize of £700, sponsored by LETS Lab (University of Greenwich), was presented by Dr Argyro Karanasiou, director of LETS Lab, to the team responsible for the Conscendo solution. Finally, the third prize of £400, sponsored by ROKH, was awarded by the firm’s managing partner Filippo Maria Andreani to the team responsible for Rightbot.

The three solutions share the concern to support citizens in the effective exercise of their right to the protection of their personal data with different proposals for this purpose. In the case of Fairgram, it is proposed to exploit the potential of infographics to communicate the terms and conditions in a more understandable way to citizens. In the case of Conscendo, it is a platform that allows identity management from a single platform ensuring a more controlled management of personal data and finally Rightbot, is a chatbot whose objective is to solve doubts in relation to data protection and cybersecurity.

The Fairgram team is made up of: Carlo Maria Guiotto, Cosetta Masi, Jader Francia, Marco Alagna, Romina Sanja.  The Conscendo team is composed of: Esra Kilic, Harsh Vijay, Patel Siddhesh Dineshkumar Panchal and Szabina B. Horvath. The Rightbot team is formed by Ana Zamora, Juan Carlos Ortega, Edison Ortiz, María Cecilia González Artega and Rolando Andrade.

DIGIRIGHTS aims, among others, to facilitate the continuing education of students and professionals interested in LegalTech, offering an opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration. As such, this initiative is intended to stimulate the development of technology to promote access to Justice, and will offer participants a unique opportunity to expand their network and work alongside experienced professionals from different fields, as well as to enhance their employability skills and resume.

This hackathon was been supported by, among other organizations: Consejo General de la Abogacía Española, Agencia Española de Protección de Datos, Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid (ICAM), Ilustre Colegio de abogados de Málaga,  Universidad Católica de Cuenca, Universidad Tecmilenio, Cognitiv+, Diez y Romero Abogados, Swiss LegalTech Association, European Technology Chamber, The Smart Lawyers, Lawit Group, PredictaBill, Legálitas, Access Info and Global LegalTech Consortium.

All information about DIGIRIGHTS can be accessed through this link.

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by Maria González-Espejo




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